Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lets us have Madiba in our Prayers

Here is man that has done a great deal of sacrifices in his time and the ultimate one was when he went to jail and was locked up for 27 years. There is no way that any South African can hear about his name and not know about his heroic foughts againts apartheid and freedom.Nelson Mandela is as we know South Africa's very first black president and the one who is as some may agree the reason why all citizens of South Africa is free from the clutshes of apartheid.
So let us show apreciation to our former President Nelson Mandela and pray for him,because as we all know he fell ill last month and has been in hospital ever since. Inspiration and motivation is what Nelson Mandela is to South Africa and possibly to the whole world, so let us keep him in our prayers as a token of our apreciation for all he has ever done for South Africa. Get well soon Madiba.