Saturday, 13 July 2013

About Romario .AKA. Brenny

I introduce to you Romario, many knows him as Branny.

When i think about the words passionated, multi-talented and smart i can't help to wonder who would perfectly describe those words. A some time ago i actually found someone who does describe those words by just being himself...and he's the guy you see in the picture above.

Why do i say so ?
Here's why...

First of all Romario is one of those guys that's very passionated about what he do and when you see him in action like i have several times, you'll see that he's really happy when he does it and he's enjoying himself. Romario believe in perfecting his craft everytime, he's the kind of person that's not afraid of making mistakes and he never allow others to discourage's hard to descover his weak points.

Multi-talented is Romario's first begin with he is one of the best local rappers i know and he already recorded a few awsome singels. Just when you think there's nothing else about him, you'll learn that he is also a dancer and a music producer...a real good one. Being in the presence of Romario is like being in a outdoor classroom, because you learn alot about yourself when you spending time with him.

Then there's this is something that comes natural to someone like Romario. I wouldn't blame you if you judge him at first, but after a while you'll find out that he has a head on his shoulders and he uses it alot.

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