Friday, 19 July 2013

A true friend of mine: Shaleen Papier

I introduce to you a very loving true friend of mine...Shaleen Papier.

I can almost punch myself for not writing about her much earlier, but hey it's never too late to write about someone as wonderful as Shaleen.
So you may ask why do i like her so much or what's so important about our friendship ?

Here's why...

I previously or some time ago wrote about how communicating is so important in any or every relationship, but this time around i'm gonna tell you about listing....and how my friend Shaleen does that so well.

Well ever since me and Shaleen became friends it was and still is the best thing that ever happend to me. I can tell you for sure that there's not a single thing in this world that me and Shaleen can not talk about, yeah that's right we talk about anything and whenever i have something that bother's me i just talk to her about it.

There's so many wonderful things i can tell you about Shaleen, but i want to tell you what a good listner she is when it comes to her friends and family.
I remember there were alot of times that i use to have "girl" troubles and Shaleen use to always notice that something is bothering me....
After always trying to pull it out of me to tell her what's wrong, i eventually end up telling my dear friend Shaleen what it is that's bothering me. Everytime after i told her what's bothering me she always would give me advice on how i should handle the situation and at times i would take her advice.
What i'm trying to say is that Shaleen is that kind of person that would listen to you without judging you when you come to her with a problem or you just need to blow off some steam.It is very important to have someone who can listen to you at times and who value you as a person.

Shaleen is by far the most wonderful, caring and trustworthy person i have ever met. Me and Shaleen have been friends for a long time now and i'm blessed to have her as my friend.

May our friendship last forever Shasha...

If you want to reach her, here's her facebook link:

or Me: