Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Self esteem

In life we often find ourselves not having enough self esteem and it can be sometimes a problem.
Why do i say it can be a problem? Well you know when you have that special something that you really want and you just don't know how to go about going after it and you feel a fear of not getting it.
For instance i some time ago had a crush on a girl that actually was my friend, but regardless of how hard i try to fight against the feelings i had for her i just couldn't. So one day as usual she ask me to take her halfway as she was on her way home and as we walked and came where we had to say goodbye, she confronted me and wanted to know what my story was, because when i actually found out that i had feelings for her i started avoiding her.
So there i was standing surprised of how she talked with me and she kept insisting that i tell her...

As we stand there and i tried to explain to her what really happened, i just got tired of explaining myself and then i just came out and told her that I'm actually in love with her. It was so hard for me to tell her, but as i did i could see that she were surprised at what i said and just when i thought it were over and done... She told me that she actually were in love with me too and it then changed everything.

I could go on and tell you the rest of it, but then i wouldn't finish now. What i want to get across is that one should not let fear get a hold of you.

Self esteem can get you allot of things, you just have to use it.

Till next time, Ciao!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Being a young Man

Being a young man in a small town such as Upington is or can sometime be very hard, because there is only one thing that's constantly on your mind and can't really escape it… and that is you need to SURVIVE .

Yeah that's right survive, I mean Upington is a great place to live in and the people here is even great to live with. But in any country or town you have your troubles that would eventually come your way and by that I mean quite a few. The things a young man such as myself have to go through in life are some of the following:

You grow up, go to school and there at school you face challenges such as peer pressure,  mixing up with the wrong crowd, getting used by a girl you thought you like etc. And then you finish school and now if you're not going to college or furthering your studies you'll have to find yourself a job. Finding a job can be at times very difficult and hard, but if you do find it you then just add up to your troubles and by that I mean you most probably have to support someone like your mother, your kids, your girlfriend or just someone that's close to you. At times you then find yourself not being able to provide for your love one's as they aspect you to and then it creates even more troubles for you.

Well what I'm getting at is that one should just prepare ourselves for the worst and just deal with it as it comes…and then people go around and telling you " you are young, you don't have anything to complain about " YEAH RIGHT….

Well I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Till next time, CIAO !!!    

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Respect for Your Partner

It sure is a great feeling to be in love and to be in a relationship,to have that special someone in your life
that just make you feel good and to know that there are someone that love you too.
But what happens if that spark is lost or is just fading away due to certain issues ?
Well i`ve learned a long time ago that no matter how rocky your relationship may seem, there's always
a way to solve a problem. 

The thing about being in a relationship is that you should always Respect your partner regardless what
and you should at all times be able to show your partner that Respect.Sometimes its not enough to just
knowing something,you have to see it and experience it
If respect is there the relationship have a more stronger chance of lasting a bit longer and another thing
it the two of you will more likely be able communicate more effectively.

So respecting each other should be to start with the foundation of your relationship. I mean being in a re-
lationship should be more than just hugging,kissing and having fun... compromises must be made.

Its nice to be in a Relationship,but remember that you should start off by Respecting your partner

Till next time, CIAO !!!   

Success VS Failure

In life there are only one goal that most people work towards, and that is Success. I mean who would willingly not want to be successful... It does not matter how or in which way, but you do strive for it even if you might not realize it at some point.

Failure on the other hand is something we don't want at all. We will do what we can to avoid it, but as we all know it is something that can at some point be unavoidable. Life has and is teaching us everyday that there is no success without first failing.
Persistent on the other hand is the best way to guarantee success, no matter how many times you fail.

Perseverance is and always will be the key to success.

Till next time, Ciao