Thursday, 23 April 2015

Being a young Man

Being a young man in a small town such as Upington is or can sometime be very hard, because there is only one thing that's constantly on your mind and can't really escape it… and that is you need to SURVIVE .

Yeah that's right survive, I mean Upington is a great place to live in and the people here is even great to live with. But in any country or town you have your troubles that would eventually come your way and by that I mean quite a few. The things a young man such as myself have to go through in life are some of the following:

You grow up, go to school and there at school you face challenges such as peer pressure,  mixing up with the wrong crowd, getting used by a girl you thought you like etc. And then you finish school and now if you're not going to college or furthering your studies you'll have to find yourself a job. Finding a job can be at times very difficult and hard, but if you do find it you then just add up to your troubles and by that I mean you most probably have to support someone like your mother, your kids, your girlfriend or just someone that's close to you. At times you then find yourself not being able to provide for your love one's as they aspect you to and then it creates even more troubles for you.

Well what I'm getting at is that one should just prepare ourselves for the worst and just deal with it as it comes…and then people go around and telling you " you are young, you don't have anything to complain about " YEAH RIGHT….

Well I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Till next time, CIAO !!!