Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Life trough a young man's eyes | By Harold Touches


So here I am sitting here and trying to write something useful, but all I actually can think of is how my life is such a waste at times and how I sometimes find it difficult to do something about it. Yeah I know it’s pathetic of me to sit and mope about my failures and mistakes, funny enough I never seem to lose my sense of faith if I may put it that way. You may not believe it, but like many people I have this believe that things will get better and I will get what I want in life and I guess it’s just a matter of time before I make my breakthrough.
You’re probably wondering by now what I’m trying to say. Well the thing is just that I have a very different perspective of life and the way I see it …It’s simply just what you give, what your efforts is that you make towards what you want in life and what you make of what you have. Life for all of us can sometimes be cruel and unfair, but those cruel and unfair times that we go trough don’t last forever and we don’t have to face them again. The thing about life or rather the beauty of it is that it is very optional in so many ways. We often are face with choices that we have to make and as you know it’s usually the hard ones that occur to us… and the one’s that have complications attach to them, complications that we don’t want.
I always say that life is the best teacher that one can have, but it is what one makes with those teachings that count and how you implement them in your life that matter. So my failures and mistakes today it’s simply the consequences of my own actions and choices that I’ve made. It’s scary how optional life can get, but what a waste of time and energy it would be if we live our lives scared of choices and consequences… it is exactly those things in the end when all is over that will  make us stronger and well armed for life.
So now that I’ve figured what the reason behind my failures and mistakes are, I sure will from now on try to make right choices and avoid unwanted consequences.
I’m Harold Touches and this is what I had to say …this time.
Always strive for improvement, because after that perfection will come to you.
Till next time… CIAO!