Tuesday, 9 July 2013


In August 2008 a group of young people came together to form dance crew just to peform at a event at that time. The Event they peformed at was at that time for them just a chance to showcase theire talent, but soon after they finished that perticular event people had seemed to fall inlove with theire unique style of dancing and they wanted more of this young dancers.
These young dancers came together and decided to give theire audiance what they want and so they decided to form an official dance crew. The MSA DANCE CREW was then born and from that day on this dance crew had been keep on dancing at theire school events and other events such as copititions ect.

The MSA DANCE CREW had since they started always managed to fill every singel one of theire audience with excitement everytime they danced on stage. People can't seemed to have enough of these incrediable dance crew, so much that they even start to want them to peform at private functions such as parties, weddings and corperate events. This dance crew always deliver when they step on stage.

Today this dance crew is still at it, doing what they love so much...they dance. The dance crew now is well known locally and is already starting to make theire mark provincially. The MSA DANCE CREW even had the privilege to show of theire unique talent to Twitch the actor from the movie Step Up 3D and he couldn't stop commenting them on theire amaizing talent. The MSA DANCE CREW is like an ongoing fire...always at it and had become the Best dance crew Upington ever had.

Now you might be convinced about the crew's abillities and now you ask who is behind this achievements or who chorograph this awsome crew ?
That would be none other than Neelan Jonas. He is the leader of the crew and does most of the chorographing.
Neelan kept the crew focused and passionated for the pass 5 year's of the crew's existence, but it has not been easy for him at all ...in the end it all produced a well deserving reward. The MSA DANCE CREW is proudly the favourites of many when it comes to dancing in Upington

Well that's what i have to say about this Xtraodanary Dance Crew.
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