Sunday, 7 July 2013

A suitable partner

Having a crush, liking someone or having the hots for someone is all a feeling that you've developed toward's that person. Everytime you see that person you feel your knees get weak, you have butterflies in your tummy or you feel your whole world is standing still when he or she is near or when your in the same room.
All these feelings that you have towards that person it's not wrong, but there's also other things to consider like: do that person feel the same about you and if it is so or not, is that person suitable for you ?
Having a partner is good,i mean we all come to that point in our life's that we feel like we need to be loved by someone...and i mean someone other than your friends and familly. Yeah that's right sometimes we feel like having a girlfriend or a boyfriend just to spice things a litle bit in our life's.
To have a girlfriend or boyfriend is all good and well, but is that person right for you or is that person suitable for you ?