Sunday, 14 July 2013

The lovely Miss Jackson

I introduce to you Bonita Jackson.

This beutiful woman is one of my facebook friend and i gotten to know her a little ...

Well to tell you the truth i've never seen her face 2 face, but i sure do know a few things about her.So here's what i can tell you about Bonita Jackson:

First of all when i firt saw her on facebook i thought to myself "what a beutiful woman" and as time went on i began to notice other things about her such as the way she express herself, how she's such a joyful person and she's a very loving person.

Bonita is really inlove with Music and i know that for sure becaurse most of the times when she listens to music she would post it on facebook and let everyone know. Friends is also one of the things that Bonita values, becaurse i have notice from her pictures that she's the outgoing person or the sociallizer...sorry B i didn't mean to call you that... Lol.

Bonita does go out now and then, but when she do its with her close friends or her famally. Speaking of famally she's very loving and supportive when it comes to her familly.

From my perspective i believe Bonita is a woman that's strong and doesn't give up on what she believes in, she's the kind of person that would listen to you when you come to her with a problem and she's the kind of person that anyone can trust.

Well here i am writing about someone i've never met...but i don't mind and besides i don't think that anyone who knows her would disagree.

Bonita Jackson is a person that anyone can draw inspiration and faith from.

If you want to reach her here's her facebook link :

or me at: