Wednesday, 10 July 2013

About the voice of Nonkululeko Zikhali

The young woman you see in the picture above is a radio dj at Radio riverside in Upington. Nonkululeko Zikhali is her name, but she prefer to be called Khuli...i'm gonna tell you about how i see her and what i think of her.
Well here it go....gosh i hope i say this right...

Everynight except fridays she host my favourite show on Radio riverside called Soul Candy from 9 to 12 and she does it so flawlessly. Khuli makes me relax from a busy and sometimes stresful day, she know just how to interact with her listners and she sure do know how to give just the right tips and advise on relationship issues. I'm sure there are a few ralationships that were restored just by listning to her show. Khuli makes the show very intresting everytime with her reality topics.
To tell the truth Khuli's voice is mostly the last one i hear befor i go to sleep and i must say it's so relaxing...well i mean the music she plays is really comforting.

One evening when i was also listning to her i realised that her voice kind of tells me a few things about her...what's that few things you ask ?

Well here they are:

She's a person that can really speak her mind, she seem like a strong person, a intelligent, loving, kind, independent and ofcaurse a very beutiful person.
All these things i just mentioned was from what i hear from her on the radio, i never had a chat with her or anything like that.

Overall speaking i believe Khuli is a very nice person and she's doing a very good job by making and keeping listners like me happy everytime she's on air.

I hope one day i can have the privilege to tell her what Soul Candy means to me and i'm sure many other people can agree with me...
Is there something lacking ?
No, not at all

Khuli and Soul Candy is a perfect combination

Keep it up girl.