Monday, 8 July 2013

My #1 facebook friend: Soraya Olyn

I intruduce to you Soraya Olyn.
Soraya is one of my Facebook friends, my favourite facebook friend... Why do i call her my favourite ? Here's why:

Everyday or whenever i log on facebook i always end up reading a status of Soraya and everytime i do i have a smile on my face when i'm done reading her status.
That's just how she is...she has such a joyful spirit and she always manage to capture your full attension everytime you read her status.

There were alot of times that i would find myself thinking of what Soraya's next status gonna be...yeah i know it's a bit weird. It is how she express herself on facebook that's so exiting.

One of my friends recently asked me who my favourite facebook friend is and i answerd him and just said Soraya without even thinking about it.
Soraya is the kind of person that you can easily learn from, becaurse she is not afraid to express her feelings, may it be she's happy, angry, sad, frustrated or excited...she will express it on facebook and that make it easy to get to know her.
Soraya is a good person and i would suggest her as a friend anytime.

Kind, respectful, strong, fun, intelligent, loving and butiful is how i describe Soraya and it's exactly the reason why she's my #1 facebook friend.

If you also know her or would like say someting, just comment here.