Thursday, 11 July 2013

A relationship with no Communication.

I had already had a few relationships in my time...gosh now that made me sound old...oh boy. Anyway what i'm trying to say is that although it might be nice to have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but sometime it's not so nice...

Why do i say so ?

Here's why:

Taking from my experience with relationships, i once had a girlfriend and we were together for just a few months ...the reason for that was the following
I'm a guy that really like to do my part when i'm in a relationship and what i mean by that is i'll do all things that needs to be done to keep my girlfriend happy. As you know all relationships has it's up and downs and mine was the problem of comunication.

I say comunication, becoz at that time everytime i were with my girlfriend i was the one who were always talking and making conversation while she was just there agreeing, but not saying anything.

Don't get me wrong, i like to talk, but not alone...i mean if i'm with my girlfriend i want us to have good conversations. I want her to be comfortable when she's with me and i want her to talk to me about everytime and i mean everything. When i come to her i want to hear how her day was, did she broke a nail, what did she ate for lunch ...just anything that she can tell me.

For me a girl who don't have the abillity to comunicate when in a relationship is not a girl worth having.
For me is such a good feeling when i look my girlfriend in her eyes while she talks to me ...i'm just that kind of guy that likes to listen especially when it comes to my girlfriend.

So i think to comunicate when in a relationship is very importent. To take time to just talk with your partner is importent and it might be the foundation of a good long relationship.

...invest in your relationship through comunication

.....till next time.