Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Respect for Your Partner

It sure is a great feeling to be in love and to be in a relationship,to have that special someone in your life
that just make you feel good and to know that there are someone that love you too.
But what happens if that spark is lost or is just fading away due to certain issues ?
Well i`ve learned a long time ago that no matter how rocky your relationship may seem, there's always
a way to solve a problem. 

The thing about being in a relationship is that you should always Respect your partner regardless what
and you should at all times be able to show your partner that Respect.Sometimes its not enough to just
knowing something,you have to see it and experience it
If respect is there the relationship have a more stronger chance of lasting a bit longer and another thing
it the two of you will more likely be able communicate more effectively.

So respecting each other should be to start with the foundation of your relationship. I mean being in a re-
lationship should be more than just hugging,kissing and having fun... compromises must be made.

Its nice to be in a Relationship,but remember that you should start off by Respecting your partner

Till next time, CIAO !!!